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BREAKING NEWS!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 62-65 LEAKS!

BREAKING NEWS!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 62-65 LEAKS! Is Available on

Watch BREAKING NEWS!! Dragon Ball Super Episode 62-65 LEAKS! Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Do you think Zamamsu really killed Beerus in this timeline, or do you think he just killed the kai of this timeline that would in turn kill Beerus

  2. well I don't think you need to make anymore prediction videos

  3. merged zamasu and black are just zamasu… they are both the same person

  4. hes already False ssb so we donk know yet

  5. Trunks is going to become a ssb

  6. How can I watch any of the God Episodes? ??

  7. he didn't die u piece of shit. stupid theories

  8. Fuck you mastar, just fuck you. STOP SPOILING SHIT IN YOU THUMBNAILS! As a fellow dbs fan I thought you would hate being spoiled as well, but I'll guess since the goku vs saitama videos ended you'll do anything for some views… douche.

  9. We're not going to see Gogeta because they're going to fuse into Vegito. they're gonna use supreme Kai's potara earrings

  10. Zeno killing zamasu at the end

  11. beerus just needs to do a permanent fusion with his brother champa.. XD i imagine itd be pretty much a taller buffer version of beerus, kinda like when fat buu and scrawny buu fused and make the tall buff super buu. whatcha guys think? haha

  12. im sorry but in all do respect everything about dragonball super is a big "f" you to gt
    there will be no gogeta akira made that clear when beerus and whis were talking about how they could become much stronger if they could work together. akira hated gt and everything to do with gt thats why he made super and destroyed the fuzzy red ss4 for ssblue. to all you gogeta fans im sorry but keep dreaming cause thats the only way you'll ever see gogeta. if they do fuse it would probably be gowasu or supreme kai's potara in which case he is vegito and not gogeta.

  13. I think Goku will call Zeno and ask him to bring the super dragon balls back into existence. Goku will never ask anyone to stop a fight, but they will need to dragon balls again, if to restore the future, or to just have them back in general. They may even use them to transform Black back into vanilla Zamasu, or to take his immortality so he can be killed.

  14. Wow, what spoilers you were wrong on pretty much every single thing. assumptions based on synopsis released by the studio then assumptions based on bullshit. Good luck in keeping your subs.

  15. i don't think the zeno button is going to be pressed, i don't think Beerus will show up but i think we might see vegito instead of gogeta

  16. your thumbnail is merged zamasu. awesome!

  17. Not suprised at all about the fusion of Black Zamas (please stop saying 'zamaasu'). Those potara have been a chekhov's gun all along. But he's not going to fight beerus. Beerus can not go to the future. And if he kills Trunks in the future, they probably can't bring him back. And have serious doubts about Gogeta showing up but that's a maybe.

  18. Right next to black goku it should have said "why you little!"

  19. well episode 62 and 63 are right so maybe this is legit

  20. Started watching dragon ball z when I was maybe 7. I'm 23 now and still excited about this!

  21. this is the best name of the fusion of goku black and zamasu fusion in my opinion:


  22. says "trunks is going to die" while the description he has on the fricken screen says otherwise. lol

  23. I think Zamasu fuses because Beerus arrives on the battlefield. It wouldn't make sense to assume the fusion between goku and vegeta would beat a fused zamasu/Black when Goku and vegeta can't even win one on one. That's just pure deductive logic! no to mention when they fuse they would be immortal and increase in strength in battle!

    in addition if the omni king did appear I would think killing black and zamasu would be to small of a task… he would probably get his supreme attendant to take care of it…

  24. Can't we just call him Merged Zamasu? Anyway, Gogeta isn't canon so the only fusion they could possibly do is Vegito (the better of the 2 imo). Also, can we leave Beerus out of this? I'm OK with him being there but do we have to involve him in every friggin conflict?

  25. Wtf Blamazu? Just call him Zamazu they are both Zamazu the Name you giving is stupid

  26. goku did learn mafuba so ur theory is invalid xd

  27. PUMPED!!!!!!!! Cant wait for all these episodes!

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