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BREAKING NEWS! Dragon Ball Super Episode 123-125 SPOILERS

BREAKING NEWS! Dragon Ball Super Episode 123-125 SPOILERS Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. why cant vegeta get UI . Toriyama needs to lend me dragon ball super and ill make this shit lit !!

  2. So Close To 1 Mil! Keep It Up Mastar! I'm happy because I've been subscribed since you had 300 Subs <3

  3. they are forgetting android 17 xD

  4. I really don't think Vegeta will get UI in the Tournament of Power. I think he will achieve it after the tournament through training.

  5. Umm…..what about android 17 he is extremely powerful right I guess he is as powerful as gohan or even more powerful ….

  6. So, Vegeta isn't getting ultra instinct anytime soon. I don't know if they are building up suspense and to make the fight even more special when either Goku or Vegeta activates Ultra Instinct. So I don't know what to think of thism

  7. They should show a quick flash back when hes badly hurt by jiren of all the times he failled and the his world being destroyed with bulma and his shorty being vaporized then he snaps goes fucking supersayan white with the tail and beats the crap out of jiren

  8. Man this should be vagitas moment he deserves it all his life hes been thee underdog i hope he turn supersayan white with a tail beats the crap out of jiren

  9. Probably gotta be badly injured to awaken UI. Kinda like a survival form. Probably gonna take a fusion to take Jiren out, or a full UI.

  10. Your such a goku suck up. Every bit wanking goku off. I don't have problem with you copying your own stuff from the old battles but chill bro. Know one knows what's gonna happen. I been watch db for nearly 20 years. They want to sell toys. Ep 125 toppo god of destruction…… We are going to see vegito. Only 8-10 EPs of this arc left. More toy sales= more a we son manga and anime.

  11. Seem like all 5 u7 fighter need to gang up on jiren at once lol

  12. How disappointing, so we'all down to vegito! Thats whats the video is all about we all know it. We overestemated frieza and underestemated toppo, But we want ULTRA INSTINCT VEGETA SAMA!!

  13. I like watching the spoilers to be disappointed before watching the episode instead of during.

  14. I for one am happy Vegeta's not getting ultra instinct. Give Goku a form only he has they can't keep being rivals if they keep getting the same power ups

  15. Looks like toppo is packing a massive package there

  16. did gohon loose his super sayian power

  17. What if goku and crew loose the tournament to jiren and toppo so they get erased but whis takes back time for goku and crew to get one last shot.

  18. Why my guy vegeta never a shinning moment!!! Was so excited thinking he was getting ultra instinct

  19. The anime loves to suck off goku and fuck over vegeta

    This is why i like the manga better

  20. I'm a bit pleased that vegeta didnt get ultra instinct. It's more realistic if he keeps trying until he eventually gets it. Remember most gods can't even perfect it.

  21. Frieza hasn't even transform yet. When he goes gold dyspo will be no match.

  22. i'd like to see vegeta got ssjb 2 than ui, i wanna see vegeta and goku has different form for them

  23. Do u think android 17 is eliminated by dyspo or toppo? Because theres no mention of him in any of the summaries.

  24. Everyone buy vegeta merch so they change the story line

  25. It’s funny that frieza can’t handle dyspo

  26. Hahaha Poor Vegeta I Know he is Noob

  27. Idk why people are sad. Obviously the preview is going to make us think something that's not the reality

  28. You guys got to chill the only reason Goku got ui was because he was in the spirit bomb. It would be stupid if Vegeta also got ui in the small 40 minutes of the tournament.

  29. Ummmmmm what about android 17 🤔

  30. I'm predicting Vegito is gonna beat Jiren..

  31. Seems like Gogeta is going to make a comeback. With Jiren being too strong and little time left, Goku and Vegeta are going to have to fuse together.

  32. I really hope they use the potara and VEGETO wipes the floor with Jiren’s bitch ass

  33. Is it me or are they making everyone but universe 7 overpowered? LOL That makes sense of course so the story may go on

  34. I think he will get it still regardless of spoilers

  35. Frieza isnt golden yet bet he goes golden and fucks up dypshit

  36. i hope the winner combines all the universes into one

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