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BREAKING NEWS!!! Dragon Ball Super 103-104 SPOILERS

BREAKING NEWS!!! Dragon Ball Super 103-104 SPOILERS Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  2. My theory:
    1.U7 wins the tournament of power
    2.Goku wishes all the universes which were erased to return INDLUCING the 6 universes which were erased because of Zeno was pissed
    3.The 6 angels which were erased come back to life (read on)
    4.This is what the Grand Priest wanted, and him and most of the angels (maybe even Whis & Vados), turn evil
    (Maybe) One of the Zenos turn evil and joins the angels
    5.A multiversal war begins
    Please like XD

  3. Did u see piccolo from Universe 6?!

  4. My best friend is goku …. the comment below me wont let me comment you'll see


  6. There is a guy who is stroger then all the guys combined
    Anser this question let me see who is watching dragon ball more seriously

  7. I think there will be a susspance and 2universe that is 6 and 7 will survive at the end of tournament😇

  8. This entire tournament of power seems lacking, there's no sense of desperation in it. everyone is so chilled whilst fighting. There should be a constant ever growing tenseness to the tournament, fighters panicking, being disqualified, gods destroying fighters in anger, all that deep exciting shit which keeps you on the edge of your seat. it feels like a squandered opportunity, and even if we get a new transformation, it doesn't feel like this tournament is worth it.

  9. looking forward in seeing goku fucking jiren in the ass!!!

  10. and i fink gokus last form called king halo kinda makes sence sence the kais might fight the angels

  11. super syain god is not called that its called super king syain red and blue, and i think that the kais are gona fight the angels and god is not the highest rank its king

  12. Gohan is going to be the main man in the end not Goku,who wanna bet?

  13. i can image Goku and Jiren team up to destroy a bigger threat.

  14. does anyone remember that the dishinkon said if there are allot of universes left and times up, the fiat of there universe will be decided on how they fought and how much fighters they have left.

  15. when is the new format going to be released

  16. ep 104 goku will transform to ssg super sayan god.

  17. These so called spoilers are false, because botamo already got knocked out in the previous episodes.

  18. i want to see frieza take on the major fighters like hit or toppo or jiren.

  19. Jiren and topo vs hit and (any sayajin u6) vs goku and vegeta….. who would win?

  20. Well, the shoe I am waiting to drop is the "universe 7 is boned?" moment.
    I mean, right now, the tournament is thinning out, and with the exceptions of Hit, Jiren and Toppo, we haven't seen anyone who can really stand to SSB Goku, let alone him, Vegeta, Gohan, and Golden Freza. At SOME point something has to happen that is going to make for a legitimate concern that Universe 7 is going to be erased.
    If I had to guess, I would say that the angels just want to erase all of the universes, regardless of this tournament, so that they live alone as the sole beings in existence, or something like that.

  21. Some other video claimed (as a so called spoiler) that Vegeta would be one of the U7 fighters to be knocked off early, but if that happens then fuck this saga and the show in its entirety. Vegeta being able to go SSG mode and his track record of being a survivor and a core fighter throughout every saga of DB, him being knocked off would just be a spit in the face of logic and the flow of the show. Of course either Goku or Gohan is going to be one of the last 10 standing but not Including Vegeta in at least the top 20, compared to all other fighters, would just be an insult to his character.

  22. I beat the crap out of vegito

  23. OK je comprend rien le titre est en français dans la description tout est en français mais pk tu parle anglais

  24. +Raishin Egg I have to fight with Zamasu… EZ

    The writers have to give vejeta his day on the sun…

  26. They already said(well Toppo said) that they are saving stamina for the last push then go all out.

  27. I think Jiren isn't fighting because maybe he's studying everyone's moves before he attacks them

  28. You know hits op when he gets ganged up on universe 11

  29. Gohan… will he redeem his so strong, so useless reputation?
    Why is Goku helping out Hit when Hit's team has its own saiyans, including the berzerk crying she-broly, known as super saiyan green? Against Jiren's team of all people! I know the writers want to focus on universe 7 but you're telling me Hit versus Jiren wouldn't be lit?

  30. Can i get photo link of hit n goku at 4:00

  31. Also hit is gonna take on toppo, despo and maybe the blue guy and then goku will join and help him out a bit

  32. I think Gohan is gonna eliminate botamo and after that some universe 10 fighters will gang up on him.

  33. I keep seeing comments saying about gogeta… fusion isn't allowed in the tournament

  34. Mayby the final battle witll be Hit vs Goku last rematch

  35. Here's an Idea….Vegeta and Jiren ?

  36. I actually am believing that Blue and Specked short pride trooper MAY have the ability to manipulate time, much like Guldo did from the Ginyu Force, which is why Hit may be at a dis-advantage.
    I don't think Jiren is going to step in yet. Technically even Toppo alone would be enough to give Hit a run for his money.

  37. where the hell is psycho Freezer. that dude never ceases to amaze me

  38. We forgetting all about frieza! He's strong as shit could probably go toe to toe with hit or jiren

  39. Vegeta can destroy Hit at this point you mongrels.

  40. Am I the only one who is waiting to see some of Frieza's fights?

  41. Whats interesting is at the end of episode 102 they said "39 minutes til the fate of all the universe's are decided" possibly time can run, they may attempt to wipe out the remaining universes and possibly the other warriors turn on the angels and the twins

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