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Black Clover Review

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Its weird its like its like its not the best anime but I can that the story has potential .I dont know its kinda charming

  2. Definitely think you should do more show reviews! Great job!

  3. i can't believe what i am saying but Watch the dub version its way better

  4. Hey bro how many episode black C

  5. The Japanese voice actor of bulma died today.


  6. This is what you call a serious Hate-Love relationship. MaSTAR has got it bad … LOL!! It's not a bad series.

  7. This is literally exactly how I felt, you pick up the naruto/fairy tail rip within the first 3 minutes. Asta voice almost made me stop at episode 1, but I am still watching it and I am not sure why lol

  8. Fuck I never knew you were married.

  9. Listen Mastar I would like you to keep diversity not just DB all the way.

  10. one punch man coming …yeah i know…overlord too? noice

  11. Jake mastar where is demon rush at?

  12. It's like dragon ball in the sense that the story isn't amazing but yet u can't stop watching. Only thing is Dragon ball fight scenes are Goat.

  13. People say dragon ball super is garbage and should not be compared to one punch man,my hero academia,attack on titan etc and yet none of them has ever reached the popularity of dragon ball super and dbs has even surpassed dragon ball Z

  14. Only 6 episode episode 7 gonna be lit

  15. Dragon ball animation god mode lmao


    Ha haha JK dont eat me in comments

  17. 5 like for my birthday happy and 3 subscribe 🤗😢

  18. It's cool in dub & I like it a lot yeah it does feel like I'm showing Naruto before he got super OP but that's what makes it interesting.

  19. Who else hates The Voice of Asta? SMH

  20. Can you do a anamation of you going UI or do I want episode 6 or do I want more parodys or do i want demon Rush 🤔

  21. Lol your wife's name is Olga? Lol

  22. Asta is naruto, yuno is sasuke. Wrong, if u actually read the manga you fucking degenerates you would realise its not a rip off of naruto. Yuno is also nothing like that emo fag sasuke btw

  23. I'm also interested if Naruto becomes Hokage.

  24. asta where is he actually came from

  25. R.I.P Bulma. You will always be remembered.

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