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Berserk – 2016

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Never watched Berserk until yesterday. Now I'm suffering from dropped jaw syndrome

  2. Get madhouse to do it, also with much faster pacing than the manga.

  3. Here is a great interview fom the author of berserk:

    One of the beauties of Berserk is that it's really grounded in humanity, our fears, desires, hopes, dreams, temptations, etc.

    Mastar, I am curious as to your thoughts on how the berserk manga will go from here and how you think it will conclude. I like most of your theories.

  4. I watched it all night and i get to episode 25 and i cant find episode 26 and more…why?

  5. omg i thought i was the only one obsessed with this manga, u r fucking awsome

  6. Hell ya the best manga EVER!

  7. One thing I like about berserk 2016 is the into it is epic.

  8. Berserk was already an anime. This is season 2.

  9. I feel the same way, but about The Devil is a part timer anime

  10. So did Berserk inspired you to do Demon Rush? If so, awesome!

  11. HELL Yeah! I been waiting for this for awhile now!!

  12. where can I watch the new berserk at?

  13. I watched the original anime and then moved into the 2016 anime, and they mesh together pretty well in terms of following the story.

  14. For me… Berserk is a mix between Lord of the Rings & Hellraiser. This manga is fucking awesome.

  15. Im not a fan of sword type of animes or mangas but with these comments seems like a must.

  16. Berserk 2016 skipped an entire arc for obvious reasons. It was beyond FUCKED UP!!

  17. Episode 8 bar dock comes from another timeline and battles goku

  18. Especially when did boobs not have nipples come on really really

  19. Berserk is amazing but too much CGI

  20. I was so disappointed in the first episode that I'm not too sure if I want to continue. The original anime is in my top 3 of all time. The golden age arc was good. But this new series is so ugly I can't stomach watching it. One of these days I'll probably consume a lot of alcohol and play catchup. But not today!

  21. Hey MaSTAR! (not subject related) So, I was thinking, either when it starts, or after part 8 of Goku vs Saitama is done, I could create and administer a wiki for Demon Rush, that is, of course, if you agree. IMO, it'd be nice if a wiki existed especially for it. Just sayin'.

  22. Bro, Love your channel. One piece of unsolicited feedback that you are probably going to roll your eyes at but can you keep the language to a minimum? It is just hard to have my children watch anything when you are swearing on the screen.

  23. Berserk is good but I hate the cgi thing so I don't watch it

  24. If you didn't go and look up Berzerk after the first ten seconds of what he just said, I don't know what the fuck you're doing.

  25. fuck the 2016 anime

  26. i just binged the manga but the berserk 2016 anime is shit they nerfed guts so bad

  27. oddly I bought the movies a couple months ago without knowing about the anime getting made

  28. that animation burns my eyes tho

  29. It'll take some time for me to catch up on other anime/manga, I started late 🙁

  30. Berserk anime sucks (chibi will agree with me), but Berserk Manga is GODLY! freaking amazing manga

  31. Its because of Berserk Dark Souls exist !!!

  32. yeah that's right BERSERK is the best BERSERK 2016 am very excited about it

  33. guts vs batman……nuff said?

  34. si the new berserk a continuation or a remaster?

  35. hey bro why dont you make a twitter ? its a great way to keep up to date when youre gonna post a video plus a lot of the generation uses twitter

  36. Thanks for recommending the manga.

  37. am sorry but its not fucken better than attack on titan

  38. If CGI animation brings us more Berserk that is cool with me.

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