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Beerus vs ALL GODS OF DESTRUCTION! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 28

Beerus vs ALL GODS OF DESTRUCTION! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 28 Is Available on

Watch Beerus vs ALL GODS OF DESTRUCTION! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 28 Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime Beerus vs ALL GODS OF DESTRUCTION! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 28 watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  2. goku's fight gave beerus a boost

  3. fuckin love beerus my man 😀

  4. Lol the anime made that aqua god seem like the strongest but this makes him seem like a joke

  5. Funny whis said to beerus Champa is little stronger end him

  6. Fucking spoilers dude damn, just give away everything in the fucking header why don't you

  7. Omg!?! I hope this happens in the Anime too
    That would be far better than Goku vs Jiren

  8. I thought universe 1, 5, 8, and 12 were the strongest gods

  9. Considering these are all G.o.D`s and how other gods aside Beerus was hurt, it's totally possible a good portion of them only agreed to team up against Beerus to take care of the others via accident with Belmond simply giving up on it when he got bored.

  10. and some people say Jiren is stronger than Beerus

  11. Beerus Op AF nothing we didn't already know

  12. So does that means Whis is the strongest Angel because he trains Beerus Sama

  13. Dude gene is stronger than beerus

  14. I hope masco squish that little canceres cat

  15. So Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction?

  16. The manga and anime follow the same guidelines so things are similar. Here is what I think, Whis said There lives a universe even a God of destruction can't defeat. And that God of destruction beat beerus in an arm wrestling match. He didn't say that the mortal was from the same universe as the God of destruction who couldn't beat him. So what if quitella fought jiren (who we assume is the mortal) and couldn't beat him? It would make sense, especially since the 4 remaining people on universe 4 team aren't exactly hyped up or insane. If I were quitella and I had to make a team, is choose the guy who bested me. They even teased something like this in episode 94 I think? The one just before people are spawns to the tournament. It shows a scene with quitella and another with jiren right after.

  17. U mean universe 7 vs universe9

  18. Swear down i cant believe they made a rat a god of destruction. lol he barely looks like he can take on goku. he cant even reach lol

  19. I don't know why y'all seems surprised cuz whis is the second strongest angels out of all of them

  20. Is this canon?…will we see this in upcoming episodes?

  21. Once again Beerus shows why he's number 1

  22. I have a new channel!!! Pls see my channel xd

  23. god battle are extremely awesome

  24. Beerus is strongest god because he was trained with whis become stronger and stronger and he know a lot about techniques or skill more than other gods and he can handle in any situation . He's suppose to be a strongest and oldest god too!!

  25. the mortal stronger that a god of destruction is revealed in this mange he is in uni 4 make a video about him

  26. He just stood there
    Probably thinking did he leave the stove on or something lol
    The most badass character

  27. In the english version its said beerus body can feel where they are coming from not REALLY the strongest btw whis did say long ago beerus dont have to think while fighting so i guess whis train him well vs other angels

  28. I wish the manga would get animated some time in the future.

  29. Why the fuck would Champa let the other gods of destruction jump his brother?

  30. it would be even more awesome if you could animate it :v

  31. Beerus is in the top two.It's either him or Quitela

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