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Beerus Kills Zamasu – Animation Breakdown

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. The animation start with zamasu getting double then a white flash and the purple disparition with particule

    What would you do ?
    seriously its ridiculous youre just saying shit

  2. they can be lazy …why u judging them lol mother fcker do something else pls instead talking shit about animation of long episode anime

  3. Epic Break Down… Great Video..

  4. ur fake as fyck no wver who like dragonballz is 12 k u need grow up bro get a lifr

  5. do a animation breakdown with Goku s Hit xenoverse 2

  6. bro this scene was one of the best is the series what are you talking about? he's a super powerful god he killed him lazily like a super powerful badass

  7. you should break down OPM vs Boros and Mob VS Yogama

  8. Okay, so I can agree with what you said. But I don't see why I should care. Zamasu was so under Beerus's level that a fight between them would've been over in an instant. So animation quality wasn't something I cared about. But if it was the way Beerus killed Zamasu that bothered you in that you think it was lazy I can put your fears to rest.

    Beerus in previous episodes has made it abundantly clear that the way he fights a god in combat is vastly different from the way he fights mortals. Ex: When he fought Goku and then when he fought his brother. It's clear that he doesn't respect mortals the way he does other gods(for obvious reasons). In knowing that Beerus wouldn't want to shame Zamasu by showing how little a chance he stood in combat with him. The way Beerus destroyed Zamasu was the most respectful way to destroy another god. Just as Zamasu tried to make a quick and shameless death for Gowasu by not killing him while he was choking on sweets or disrespecting him by openly challenging him. He quietly resolved to kill him for his own sense of justice.

  9. a push is not godly all the time. zamasu not on his level for him to do much did you think of that. zamasu weaker than goku. and maybe hakai is the legal way to kill kaishens did you think of that. i hate videos. like this. the artist knows what he wants and his reason. but cool lesson i learn stuff. to help me animate

  10. when i saw that scene i was just thinking they wanted to show us how strong beerus is really 😛

  11. It's not a lazy route he's a god he don't need to get physical and two if it's so easy why are your video quality so shitty???

  12. I thought it still looked good regardless of how easy it is (BTW HUGE FAN, LEARNED ALOT FROM YOUR CHANNEL AS A NOOB_ANIMATOR) but I think they went that simple route to remind the viewers just how "Powerful" Beerus is. Plain and simple.
    Now I loved it but well never know now what it woulda been like to see him do something like punch through his chest, put a Ki blast in his mouth and force him to swallow or my personal favorite…. Grab him by his hair knee him in the gut so Zamasu is bent over and use the same Ki Had Blade move Zamasu seems to love (only Beerus's is crazy looking and longer) and he cuts off Z's head and then "Star Dust's" the remains! (LoL, maybe if it were on Adult Swim huh?!?)

  13. Well I didn't expect this to be honest
    I was thinking that Beerus will fight Zamasu like he did with Goku and killed him but this is different because he is fighting a kaio a next kaioshin well this was just Beerus using God of Destruction powers to shows Goku's that he can destroy evil man or even a planet with just a word


  15. People were hyped because…well…the show is shit, boring and nothing happens with its new happy-go-lucky episode. So when a character dies they get hard. Meanwhile the more sensible and discerning members of the community remember how gruesome the first two arcs of dbz were…you think a guy putting his hand in your face and you gently fading off into existence would cut it back then? No, if you're anything other than a low level trash mob, you're going to have to fight, get whopped, probably lose and arm then die by either someone tearing a hole in you or packing 1000lbs of c4 in your and blow you up.

  16. MaSTAR Media has problems fam, Idc what u say I LOVED THE WAY BEERUS KILLED ZAMASU It makes him look like a real god the he deleted him no one wants him to punch him thats what someone like Vegeta or Frieza would do!

  17. Who else heard that creepy giggle at 4:50 to 4:54?

  18. I thought he was destroyed period.

  19. Don't care, not picky, it was an awesome ender. It was different, no stabbing (like goku black), no explosions….even though explosions are cool, but the body getting erased from top to bttom was awesome….sort of reminds me of the movie "Little Nicky" when Adam sandlers character broke down in to little spiders haha

  20. we get it….they got lazy, from a animation POV. they could've executed a ton of diff scenarios. but from a fan/everyday joe POV….that was executed beautifully, seems people under estimated the brute strength of beerus….good vid nonetheless subbed….

  21. Bro, you're such a pessimist. Be optimistic dude. Jeez

  22. Can any of the 214 people explain why this video deserves a thumbs down? I really want to know.

  23. Actually fucking retarded. Literally complaining about dragon ball supers animation when you steal every single character model drawing from Z, manga and super. How is that fair? Autism? They actually have to draw different shit unlike you. Lmao, unsubscribed

  24. When beerus finds out that zamasu didn't die in the future timeline do you think beerus will go to the future to fight black and zamasu?

  25. So since u know so much, show us in your own version of how u would have done it?, in your next VIDEO!…or just be quiet!!!

  26. i dont think it was lazy i think it was done perfectly, like Beerus just can casually kill an apprentice God type like nothing and they turn into star dust. This scene emphasis how beast he is.

  27. Why so many dislikes…
    I guess people can't read.

  28. Do you remember the classic DBZ episode in the Cell Games saga where Goku and Cell were teleporting everywhere fighting each other and then all of a sudden Cell stops their fight and blows up the ring?

  29. They made it so simple just to show how strong Beerus is, not to save money and time. In my opinion it was amazing!!

  30. All I'm gonna say is that you didn't have a proper first impression in the video. The moment you said the animation was LAZY, I got turned off and didn't want to watch the rest of the video. The video in itself is flawed.
    First of all, do more research on animation in Japan. NO animation is LAZY. Even though if the animation was not at its highest and at the lowest, know one fact, the animators worked their asses off to bring you entertainment and you just sitting around and calling them lazy is a big turn off and flaw in this video specially at the start.
    Second: If you're gonna call them lazy, refer back to your Goku vs Saitama video. I could do the same thing and call you lazy if you want. The animation was mediocre and some of the animation was a copy and paste from other talented animators out there. At Uni, this is something called plagiarism. Out in the world, it's called copyright infringement. So I hope you don't claim that as your work when there were a lot of copy and paste and just minor changes to the art colour padding. I didn't check your comments on those videos so I don't know. A good animator is someone who can bring out at least mediocre animation under harsh schedules and their animation/drawing skills have to be very quick. You had more time but most of them were spent copying from other animators work just to make the fight longer and it is not impressive. And your own animation in there wasn't impressive either. Just a 5 minutes fight with your own animation and choreography while polishing them is much better than you copying the work of other animators. But I'm not gonna get into that because I understand you're not as skillful as them. Whether it was lazy work or not, I'll leave that to you to decide. I don't know how much effort you've put into it (I don't care about the final result) so me calling you lazy will just make me ignorant. So I'll leave it at that
    And the last one which made me go WTF was when I saw the title of this video and was like why the hell were you doing an animation breakdown of an episode when there weren't anything special animation wise. I don't think you understood the community well enough when you posted that video. The community was not going wild at all because of the animation. The animation was just mediocre, not bad nothing special. It was because of what Beerus did with great music and tension and even I loved it. So I would call this video extremely unnecessary. Just a big waste of time when that time could have been used for something way better.
    And the main reason I'll give this video a dislike is because of the first point. The second and third point would neither get you a like nor a dislike. You calling them LAZY at the start of the video is what triggered me. That's something I hate the most when people do that without doing any research. Not doing any form of research but judging other people is a form a laziness in itself. So I hope the next time you make a video, make sure you know what words you're using. You have great potential to make great videos. The only thing you need to learn when criticising a piece of animation, is not use wrong and false words without a hint of research. Just gotta put more work into research than making longer videos. That's all I have to say. Hope you take that critic seriously and don't let your pride get in the way or else you'll end up like Vegeta vs Cell.

  31. In my point of view the death of Zamasu is so epic because the part is showing the amount of mightiness that Beerus has

  32. We get it, you know how to use Adobe premiere. Just kidding, subscribed I love it.

  33. They just deleted parts of his body and used after effects to make it look like something worth watching. Nothing much to talk about really….

    And like others have said. Just because it's very easy to make doesn't mean it can't look good so this video was pointless.

  34. it didnt look very similar at all.. sorry but yours was lookin' very bad.. and im pretty sure it took more than a few hours to do this what you have done right now!

  35. Seriously guys???!!! Give MaSTAR Media a break! this is HIS OPINION, and he just shared it with you all!!! which was a constructive criticism, and you can learn from him. There are really only two options: you like or you don't. No reason to start hating on him.

  36. Im not gonna jugde them for the animation cause i think the purpose of this scene is to let people know how easy Beerus can destroy. Throwing a punch or fighting would had made him look weak. Like separating his love of fighting from his Job description. His a very strong fighter but when he is doing his job, he just say the words( his god of destruction technique) and things just get destroyed easy. I understand your point and i think they had a reason for this. You said they were trying to save time, i think they wanted to make a statement about Beerus in this scene.

  37. Me too.. I think there is no special to it.

  38. Don't get cocky mastar media

  39. im not a hater but still if somebody is disapointed im bec i dont fucking care about ur disapointment and i thought it was cool

  40. If Zamasu dies black Goku dies.

  41. just because its lazy doesnt mean its bad animation. its just simple effects to show how Beerus killed him. i think people should stop complaining and nitpicking. because theres always that one guy that complains about something and then that just spreads and spreads and spreads. people should just shove there complaints up there ass and actually appreciate we're even getting this series

  42. this scene was horrible i was expecting beerus to like actually fight zamasu and beerus would destroy zamasu by like shooting a energy blast or even stabbing him but something completely different happened

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