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Basil’s Transformation – Dragon Ball Super

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Watch Basil’s Transformation – Dragon Ball Super Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. If son Gohan train more he will, become 3 times the wolf power

  2. Vinnie Barbarino approves: "GIMME DRUGS, GIMME DRUGS…"

  3. why is vegeta not on the team

  4. please suscribe me too check my amv too

  5. I mean this arc gonna be great!Look my AMV video of batle Majin Bu VS Basil.

  6. its getting exciting now it seems like we gonna get some action with great animation like of dragon ball z.

  7. You know, I find it really interesting that he can't fly (or at least I think he can't)

  8. I bet it's like Kaioken and it damages the user every second and therefore that's why he was so nervous. If he can't do crap and keeps hurting himself, he will die

  9. Dude you are hyping this up way too much, he probably just bulks up a bit.

  10. gohan is going to lose, then learn mystic because he did poor in the warm up match.

  11. Dragon ball super : Disney animals arc. DBS is tageting 6 year olds now Ridiculous

  12. idk why but I always laugh when I see 0:17

  13. gohan has mystic form so yea hes good

  14. WRONG: The priest look means that he is angry because the fighters are not fighting seriously!


  16. lol this could just end with " Buu make you chocolate. "

  17. when buu smiles at the end………you know its about to go down

  18. the whole fight was unfair basil has no chance of winning this, how the fuck can he win against something that takes no damage from anything

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