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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. MY GOSH. Anilaza is like the embodiment of non-canon characters. He's beserk like Broly, has the Chrystal designs like Hachiyak, throws warping punches like Janemba and giant like lord slug

  2. I wasn’t so surprised by what moscoe ( I’m not sure if that’s how it’s spelled ) really looked like. From a universe that revolves around on technology would make sense for him to be in a suit of armor.

  3. “No shit Sherlock!” 😂😂😂

  4. To everyone who said jiren will easily defeat vegeta, Vegeta will kick jiren hard!!

  5. Animation was good but at non close up scenes like when 17 comes back to stage and gohan asks "No. 17 are you okay?" Just look at all of their faces especially frieza. There were more scenes like these which were terrific.


  7. They are saving android 17 for his presence of mind.. m sure he will play a big role in future of this tournament.

  8. 18 just had a nightmarish flash back when she was about to get swallowed. Cell Saga like, 17's aura was supposed to be black

  9. Anilaza could have actually been, and i would say, was supposed to be, a serious threat to all of them.

    I know for plot and time purposes they had to go ahead and eliminate him, but the fact that he got such an advanced 2nd form, right after beating them in the previous form, proves that its possible Anilaza would have eliminated more of them.

    They definitely should have had universe 11 jump in!

  10. Bro check some of the animation it is hilarious 😂 i know all the hard work etc but look at some of the non action scenes gokus body shape goes crazy! Btw keep up the vids hands down best YouTuber literally like before I watch!

  11. That was very clever you observed that very carefully Mastar the fist was not there they will fixed in the blue ray or something 😂

  12. +MaSTAR Media have you ever thought that he saw Jiren and the group but ignores them because he just does not care about them that they are not worth his time and effort. Why bring a group into a fight when they are not involved in the first place. Also about Goku maybe he just doesn't care about the others and have you ever thought again Goku used intant transmission to save the Android because need all the help against him, and didn't help anyone else in the tournament because maybe he just didn't want to help the others till now

  13. Only question is how is he so strong

  14. Jiren talking shit was satisfying

  15. Aniraza, Anilaza… Same difference lol

  16. anilaza looks like some sort of ben ten bitch

  17. Unsubbed. Too many spoiler titles and thumbnails on my feed

  18. Agree it was an amazing episode. Got me goosebumps level over 9000!!!

  19. Befor you judge supers episodes judge your anime war episodes first.

  20. how is it that nobody understands echo location?

  21. Freiza has by far the most dainty transformation of all of them haha

  22. Lol what if Goku uses Instant transmission to eliminate Jiren buy teleporting him off stage?

  23. If it were a movie android 17s punch wouldn't have done shit haha

  24. Damn 18 didn't make it to 2018

  25. Why gohan not going super saijyan

  26. It's funny how No.18 doesn't last to make it to 2018, but No. 17 escape and make it out of 2017.

  27. On the note of Piccolo's drop out, You think that those Namekian ears (That can hear everything, half way across the universe) you'd think he would have heard that invisible dude creeping up on him.

  28. Jiren Being Defeated Will Probably Be The MOST Satisfying Elimination Aside From Kefla!

  29. Can you make a Super Saiyan Black for one of your next fan-made transformation? If so, could you make it another Omni-God form? In my opinion, I think the red markings would suit a really dark color, like black. Also, if anyone thinks this is offensive, I swear I'm not trying to make this sound racist or something, I promise you.

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