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Ascended Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

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Watch Ascended Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. The last two will be Goku and Gohan, the rest will be eliminated, and that could possibly be Jiren also. In all likely hood though it'll be Jiren, Goku Gohan.

  2. Gohan is nowhere near Super Saiyan blue. Goku is a bitch, and Vegeta needs to shine.

  3. There's not enough time left for much battling to continue on. So my guess would be that there'll only be 2-3 fighters left per universe and it'll end in a draw.

  4. goku fuse vegeta
    gohan fuse no17
    frieza alone..
    so its 3 vs 3..fair

  5. I think jiren is both playing possum and baiting vegeta into using all of his power. I think he's playing down his strength so that once vegeta gives it his all and sees it does nothing it will mentally crush vegeta than after using all his stamina in his offensive play vegeta will be pushed to his death bed like goku. I think jiren is intentionally trying to unlock ultra instinct in vegeta so he can either have a worthy opponent or an ally when shit goes down against the God's. My 2 cents

  6. In the super preview on 122 vegeta has gray eyes

  7. I think vegita is taking the fight more seriously from the beginning because he saw goku fight and getting his ass whooped and we all know goku never fight with full power from the beginning and goku by the time he went ssb kao-kan he was weakened.

  8. Hey MastarMedia.. Hiromi Tsuru died 🙁 now there is noone to dub bulma 🙁

  9. @mastar media why would the angels, priest on zeno's translate frieza's wish to the dragon if it was to take control over the zeno's? unless frieza knows the language or it was bs that hes only takes wishes in his language.

  10. He mastered ssj blue thats why able to beat jiren

  11. @MaSTAR Media omni = all, not all powerful. He is the king of all or the king of everything NOT the God of everything so yeah

  12. Even Goku able to defend jiren laughling as in preview.if he is not squeezed he will be able to kick like vegeta

  13. Does everyone forget about fucking universes 1, 5, 8 and 12 who were too strong for the tournament of power

  14. Vegeta SSB2 that would be incredibly powerful. Than Vegeta can finally try SSB3.

  15. MaSTAR, don't you think it would be nice if Jiren wins the tournament of power?
    It would be nice if they change the way of the story where everyone thinks U7 is going to win.

  16. Jiren will fight and knock off Frieza before he fights Goku. Dragon ball heroes already spoiled that.

  17. You content creators don't watch this show enough to give a really good explanation. This is all I watch everyday over and over I know exactly how vegeta is landing hits its fairly easy his pride will never let him fall far behind goku … He's trained his blue form without kiaoken and broke through into more power I believe it's perfected blue we will see

  18. Can you give a shout out to gen 472

  19. I thought he was gonna stream the tfs dragon ball and react to it.

  20. Jesus Christ why are there so many dislikes

  21. SMH to those youtubers saying i predicted it when they are just repeating what someone else said in the comment section of youtube or twitter or facebook!! Stop the lies!!

  22. its not for whatever reason vegeta has been improving his base form vs goku who has been improving abilities we will see who comes out on top soon most likely goku

  23. i think people shouldnt donate cuz we give a lot of money to youtuber just by looking at their videos so for is stupid but i respect people the like to donate.


  25. I think they are going to have goku sacrifice himself like he did with raditz. Frieza is going to knock off goku and jiren. Jiren might survive then frieza vs jiren. Jiren is tired asf then gohan beats jiren.

  26. Would universe 5 be considered universe 2 and 7, 3 and 11, 4 and 12 5 ? +mastar Media

  27. 1;51 I'm on top comment anyone know what I said lol ?

  28. when will you launch anime war 6

  29. when will you launch anime war 6

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