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ALL-OUT WAR! Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 Preview Breakdown

ALL-OUT WAR! Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 Preview Breakdown Is Available on

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I also think it might go like this:
    -Aniraza eliminates 17 and 18
    -The rest of universe 7 eliminates aniraza
    -Jiren eliminates Vegeta
    -gohan eliminates dyspo
    -toppo eliminates Frieza
    -Gohan eliminates toppo
    -Goku and Jiren eliminate each other
    – Gohan wins and wishes back the universes

    Just my opinion though.

  2. Hilegarn??? You mean Hirudegarn? You said you were a huge DBZ fan as a kid but you barely know pronunciations. Whatever great video as always!

  3. Who wants to see new fusion? Gohan and freiza!!? Something crazy is always fun! We still have two potaras remember?

  4. Go back to frame by frame breakdown its stupid this way u just ramble on about something while the trailer continues to play something else

  5. It’s a shame Frieza hasn’t gone Golden full power to attack this guy…….that would be nice!

  6. Reminds me of a big version of Jamemba

  7. Everything in the dub just sounds better. I don't like the screechy annoying Jap Goku

  8. So why’d they let 4 MFs fuse smh

  9. Next episode will be coooooool 😘😍

  10. Vegeta trying get Ult like goku was fighting kefl when he was almost off the stage but for vegeta he's trying it when he's almost going to die or something

  11. I Don't know if universe 7 will win , because its not final ark , there will be more , i thought lot about this. For example remember there is many rules to follow in this tournament , but look zeno reactions : Oh its fun il alow this , oh its fun potara is amazing woow! something like that. And if goku lose in final this ark's episode , zeno would not want erase universe 7 maybe he will say like : But goku is my friend i dont want him erased , its not fun 😀 , Or Maybe universe 7 will be erased but goku alone not , and from here new arc will start. P.s its just my theory if universe 7 will lose.

  12. 17 not out 17 going be going against toppo 18s out

  13. Paparoni will mutate all the remaining universe 3 warriors and create a beast

  14. Or 18 save 17 from being eliminated the stage

  15. I think it would go like this Aniraza eliminates 18 or 17 Then the remaining android will be defeated by toppo Then frieze will eliminate toppo Gohan will go against despo and win but jiren eliminates him. Then Vegeta fights Jiren loses but doesn't fall of the stage  He is out for the rest of the tournament BUT then frieze goes against jiren and get eliminated Finally it will be goku who goes against jiren and loses  but Jiren is severely Damaged through his matches  so goku and vegeta team up to try and eliminate jiren. I think the tournament of power will finish with the time out So the final warriors will be jiren vegeta  and  goku. Universe 11 will be erased but is wished back by the super dragon balls

  16. Aniraza eliminates 17/18, everyone else is conserving energy looking for an opening, then Jiren gets tired of waiting and eliminates Ani…perfect lead in for Vegeta to challenge Jiren.

  17. Try using Seven deadly sins in some of your animations

    Like so Master Media Can see

  18. Also I'm going to be pissed off if universe 11 doesn't get drawn into this somehow. It's seriously annoying that universe 7 has done all of the work in this journament. If Anirazza is doing that much damage to the stage and universe 11 is just standing there posing it will not make sense.

  19. Whenever Anirazza hits people there are red rocks flying everywhere. The boulders all over the stage are more of a grey/green colour. I wonder if this is a clue about Anirazza's attacks.

  20. wait a second that trio wasnt eliminated last episode?? damn i have to rewatch

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