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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. I think it is the ranking of mortal level

  2. Arak in universe 5 low key looks like the prophet of regret in the halo saga 😃💀

  3. It makes perfect sense as to why u7 is low. We've had people like buu & Frieza. How do u expect life to exist when monsters like that destroy planets and kill of entire races for money and fun. Frieza built a whole organization on coquiring planets and killing of the races. The only reason u6 would have more is granted frost starts wars but he acted as a political official in real life starts a fake war and gains publicity from repairing it. So no one kills off races in u6 besides champa most likely. U7 also had beerus alseep most of the time and shin our kaioshin even admits that races should learn on their own instead of their help.

  4. This list don't mean shit today now.

  5. I think Frieza and Buu are the cause for universe 7 being so low.

  6. how they always mentioning beerus u would think he is the strongest god of destruction….

  7. You left out mentioning Goddess Of Destruction Jerez. Hmm

  8. TBH I have a feeling if it was not for boo, saiyans, and Freezia UNI 7 would have the highest power level those three things killed off more than 50% of the power in the universe hell boo was destroying entire GALAXIES imagine that and Beerus was horrible at his job destroyed mainly cause he was angry half the time

  9. Jerez is the most powerful god/ goddess of destruction, she is the only female god.How could y'all miss this.

  10. Did u see universe 7 the characters are called Singh Virus And Wies

  11. Beerus want to find a ssg to rivial him and all yet he is not the strongest god and his angel is strong and his teacher so i dont get it why find someone weaker to fight

  12. it is beerus not virus😵😵

  13. So… is he called Beerus, Bill, or Virus? Why all these VERY questionable translations? I'm confused.

  14. Why do read randomly from one of the three instead of all 3?

  15. universe seven is inflated with humans and weak people

  16. When i go to the website it appears in japanese

  17. lol the god of destruction that looks like a clown

  18. beerus is stronger than the first universe

  19. This isn't strength it's just their mortal level

  20. This is universe levels, Beerus is second strongest god of destruction after the fish

  21. How the fuck is IVAN like shiva?

  22. Do u have a link to full episode on youtube… I have a hard time finding one that i watch from begining DBZ Super…

  23. Universe 11 God of destruction and Angel remind me of joker and Harley

  24. plot twist beerus and the mouse are actually Tom and Jerry who became gods.

  25. I thought beerus was stronger than chamapa

  26. I don't understand something.

    Back in the Buu saga of DBZ, didn't supreme kai once say that he served as a lesser kai at one point? That would mean he wasn't always a supreme kai. Does that mean there's a sort of promotion (and I guess demotion) system among the kais?

  27. elepehand god of destruction is weak as hell

  28. this aint god ranking, this is universe rankings. disliked. will block any channel from now on that lies in titles.

  29. Is 1 being the strongest or the weakest?

  30. I'm here wondering what's the next super sayain gonna be… super sayian green?pink?purple?

  31. Can anyone tell me Why Universe 4 and Universe 8 Has like a Disame Color? Is it because where Zeno Wipe the 4 Universe that No One has never Been told or Being Be Done yet? Or Is it just a Story or a Theory? Pls Comment i want u guys to tell me whats happening im kinda a Kid that doesnt understand most of it but still Comment Below Reply and Leave a Like to this Comment and Thats all

  32. 11 is suicide squad. We have joker (belle mood), harley queen (marcalita), deadshot, killer croc and the others.

  33. why were all the names grammar and info entirely wrong? shit was painful to read

  34. I always wonder if bardock is gonna come into play somehow

  35. You have literally no shame, do you?

  36. It's universe ranking not gods coz beerus is stronger than champa

  37. I think goku is even stronger then the gods

  38. It seems that universe 7 has a low mortal level but makes up for it with extremely powerful fighters

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