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All 80 Fighters in the Tournament of Power

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Get your Color Changing DBZ Mug Here! Thanks to Mr. Mighty for sponsoring this video!
    Goku Super Saiyan Blue:
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  2. Damn 80 fighters to 35 remaining now.

  3. If goku is ever knocked off cant he just use instant transmission? I mean if you say it's cheating and is not allowed he used instant transmission in the tournament also if you say he has to concentrate he hasn't mastered it. He has been useing instant transmission since the Frieza saga come on now he has mastered it

  4. Is it me or does this dude sound like jonah hill cause it hilarious and when you read it and say no think about it😂

  5. Universe 7 should bring Arale! Hahahaha 😀

  6. Please make a video on the fighters left over in the tournament now and what you think about them! 😀

  7. For Goku and Vegeta doesnt mind a shit Gravity being x10 stronger. Remember Goku in his way to namek trained with x50-100 Gravity. Not to mention Vegeta, he always trains under Gravity increase, x400 before cell saga, so, x10 Gravity is a joke

  8. Has no one wonder where is universe 1 fighters

  9. Why buu is not with the universe 7?

  10. I don't think anyone had to dodge the blocks, as they would not want to upset Zeno by harming his entertainment

  11. Universe 4 Character that's a spy looks like Bojack's Pirates.

  12. goku super saiyan rose will top it all!!



  14. I don't think anyone has notice the lil guy on Universe 11 The Pride Troopers team. LMAO!!

  15. I have a gut feeling after this goku and vegeta will replace champa and berus

  16. Jiren gonna get some kick on his ass by Gogeta…. 😎

  17. 1 like = 1 prayer to universe 9

  18. There are 12 universes, why are there only 8 participating? Cheerz

  19. what r u talking bout when u say they will be "affected" by 10x gravity. They will have no problems

  20. I realized that jiren is saitama

  21. I know that universe7 will probably win but I want them to lose to see how the story plays out

  22. This is the chunin exams of dragonball super, ie an arc built around introducing characters who will become allies in future arcs.
    Like how Neji's team, Gaara's team, etc etc were introduced and we got more info about the others like Shikamaru's team, Hinata's team, etc etc. That's exactly what this tournament is, we'll be given some new powerful characters on ssj blue level and some other decent fighters too.

  23. Anyone notice that Yardrat standing with his hands behind his back….only the kai's and the Gods so far stand with their hand behind them……and vegeta made it a point that they need to watch out for him…..just sayin (I don't think he is a pushover) remember whis comment on that mortal…just sayin

  24. Universe 11's dino fighter is a damn nazi

  25. Jiren is 15 seconds in, becomes more of a badass than Hit and Toppo put together

  26. you forgot about the yardrat vegeta said they should be cautious of lol

  27. I want them to be namekian and merge with piccolo and you might be saying no fusing zeno probably does not want fusing because it's not permanent and your not "one"
    but that's different to the namekian race

  28. At 2:47 there is a mini ass dude, he is in front of the last guy in the right😂

  29. Am I the only one who noticed the robot Arlian on team U3?

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