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A New Approach to Fusion – Dragon Ball Super Episode 113-115 SPOILERS

A New Approach to Fusion – Dragon Ball Super Episode 113-115 SPOILERS Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch A New Approach to Fusion – Dragon Ball Super Episode 113-115 SPOILERS Online. One Piece
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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  2. fuck it happened by kai's earring

  3. In DBS 113, when Goku turned SSJ3, you can see that they use frames from Goku going SSJ3 in Fusion Reborn, maybe a hint of Gogeta? I think not tho.

  4. When they introduced Caulifla she was like a drug dealer. In the time of 20 minutes she has been able to achieve ssj 2. She should logically be raditz level.

  5. GOGETA is stronger than VEGITO no doubt. Lol GOGETA NEEDS TO HAPPEN PEOPLE.

  6. Kale and caulifia will never achieve SSJGSSJ

  7. it's. it gonna be the fusion dance it will be the potaro earnings because in spoiler 114 you see kale with a green potaro earing concluding that it won't be the fusion dance

  8. Therez vegito and gogeta. Maybe. Gogeito???🤔🤔🤔

  9. That thumbnail looked gorgeous…

  10. Actually if you have watched some previous episodes ,,,,, in that they say that fusion is cheating and that’s why gotenks (gotten & trunks) didn’t fused ,,,,,

  11. Getting from normal saiyan to ss3 in 30 minutes it's a joke, shits on everything dragon ball was before this

  12. I dont think its obvious jiren has ultra instinct. If he did, he wouldnt have gotten hit by goku..to those thay say he could get hit and still have it… thats not how instincts work.

  13. They had earrings in the episode 114 trailer

  14. Please for the love of fucking god would you people stop encouraging fusion… its like encouraging lazy writing, with the acception of the frieza and cell sagas (the best 2 in my opinion) its every single arc of dragon ball has ended with a god damn fusion battle or a spirit bomb and the occasional dragon fist. This is why goku needs to beat jiren on his OWN its time for these fighters to Ascend beyond what ever techniques have saved them in the past and get stronger, learn new techniques, make the writers come up with new moves for goku and vegetas new forms, not encouraging the same old BS every time

  15. Jiren does NOT have ultra instinct. The Gods' reactions clearly showed that, and IF that wasn't enough to clue you in, then how quickly Goku gained on him right after he gained ultra instinct shows it. Stop being dumb.

  16. Mastar, r u gonna finish the anime war series? It kinda ended on a cliffhanger. Excited to see ending if u make it. Thnx.

  17. Kale and caulifla have potara earrings on would there be a ultra instinct vegito

  18. My guess, goku and Vegeta use this possible new technique to create a new fusion aside from Gogeta/Vegeto to bring in a massive nod to Gogeta like they used Kale to nod to Broly. Broly and Gogeta are the most popular movie characters, it would be absolutely no surprise for them to bring Gogeta in or at least make a new fusion with this possible new technique, leaving it open for Gogeta to still exist as their fusion dance form.

  19. I don't think he does, Jiern is just exceptionally quick(fast). Goku looked to have the up'er hand in their fight, even if just by a little. Their fighting techniques weren't the same, they were just very close

  20. Watch, I’m gonna take a nap and when I wake up, Caulifla is gonna be grand priest level.

  21. Where did the “fused” Kale / Califla get Potara ear rings from? Kale’s ear rings are gold loops, is this an item allowed? How else could they have possibly gotten them?

  22. Its gonna be the potara earrings. It shows it on 114 preview

  23. did anyone else notice that universes 6 kai had the same earrings on after the fusion was complete?

  24. Oof Kafura ghets good YEAH BOI11

  25. they will use potara earrings

  26. Toshio's Squirt Fest, I need to see Gohan Step in and show us viewers that the DB torch will not be passed on to the "B" Caulifa. When or if that happens, I destroy all my DB stuff, and I stop watching the anime altogether. All who is with me, Say Aye!!

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