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A God’s Grudge – Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 Spoilers

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is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. Lol frieza is already dead, they just have to go back in hell and get him again

  2. Sidra – I need a way to know what is to come.
    Sidra – Um, ok. How?
    Kanasan – FREEZA! No wait, Bardock? I DUNNO MAN, IM DEAD!
    Sidra – Well, ok the-
    Kanasan – I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!
    Sidra- I know, you sai-
    Sidra- Whats a Trum-
    Kanasan – AAHHHHHH!!!!
    Sidra – Now what?
    Kanasan – IM DEAD! SHIT SUCKS MAN!

  3. I think the tournament will start at-episode 96 tournament of power

  4. Frieza will be alive for only 24h and he will have the aura circle on his head and that means that he can't die because if we go back to dragon ball z when vegeta came back with the aura on his head at some point goku said to vegeta that "Your already dead so you cant die"… Frieza may be in pain when assassins will attack him but he can't die he will just suffer in pain.

  5. frieza killed and goku will recruit cell next

  6. i think everyone will gather at the arena in ep 94 and in ep 95 the fighting begins.

  7. i wish im working at bandai or something that filming dbs episode

  8. maybe sidra thought that frieza could became more powerful and could be trouble for them and got afraid that his universe could be erased, and universe 7 have many great warriors, with Frieza they would be invincible. kinda like this

  9. this tournament of power gonna look like the hunger games im starting to believe…. intense as fuck

  10. I do agree it's taking a long time to get this tournament started it better be worth the wait…..so far the plot thickens lol

  11. if frieza does 3 push ups, hell be as strong as universe 1's god of destruction. but hell also obtain a fifth form along with a golden form. hell look like golden cooler

  12. Frieza told Goku promised to resurrect him so he can show goku his evolution. frieza will get another form. maybe level strong as Beerus.

  13. Wait wait goku and freiza are still there so yeah

  14. I hate sidra because he's evil and sneaky if they did tell Omni king

  15. Goku calls zeno, zeno erases him and the universe

  16. Where can I get the picture on 3:10 ?

  17. WHAT IF!? Frieza's army was hired to destroy universe 7 for him!

  18. any bet beerus will protect freiza

  19. Apparently according to some DBZ youtubers the pacing is too slow but personally I think it's still fast, the show could benefit by taking time to make a better story instead of rushing with little story, I think the anime lovers just want to watch flashy fights, at least the manga has more in depth story and explanations then the anime skipping over stuff and never mentioning things again

  20. Ya know you could link Herms Twitter instead of putting just a @Herms98

  21. Hello everyone,
    I don't think frieza will join the team as frieza will be obviously killed in an episode in the future. Bringing back frieza is just a publicity stunt and I have full confidence that buu will wake up. Please reply if u either agree or disagree and pls share your thoughts

  22. INSTANT DISLIKE CREW FOR THE 99Cents store bargain aisle version of seth green

  23. I think he may have heard of Frieza from his angel. if you think about it whis was able to show beerus past fights and fighters with his staff. before whis did that for him beerus had never heard of goku so it could be a similar situation as that.

  24. Racist piece of crap unsubbed after you mocking latinos voices? yea no wonder you deleted that live stream you racist prick 2:03 in Anime Lives Video " Ohh your uh spreading uh false information" WHAT DA F*CK??? n i thought u were cool one time

  25. Episode 99!!!!!!!! The tournament shall start

  26. Dragon Ball makes characters related to wolves useless and weak at some point in the show. Hence why Yamcha the bandit no longer fights in tournaments or in the real battles. Take a look at universe U9. Think about what type of environment they were in and the type of people Lord Sidra killed in his universe. I just blew everyone's mind. I'm out of here. I need to talk to someone on my level.

  27. Dope Spoilers:) definitely going to make a AMV out of this episode

  28. Maybe Freeza will be the one to defeat Jiren because as we know from the fight between Goku and Freeza in the early DBS show, Goku states that Freeza might have won against him if he had more stamina…

  29. they are drawing it out so that Goku will unleash his new form on episode 100 IMO

  30. Sidra vs freiza . This is just a fight to show everyone freiza gotten a lot stronger I wouldn't be surprised if he killed sidra and told him that he plans to betray 7 either way

  31. Can anyone give me the name of the background track in this video?

  32. What is Goku going to say to Freeza… to get him to join? I know his not going to offer him 10 million Zeni…

  33. 1k brain washed fgts liked this video

  34. thetournament will start on episode 100

  35. I think that the dragging out is actually being cool imo. We're getting to know the characters better and I'm loving it. The only thing that sometimes is crazy boring is that they're boosting way TOO MUCH weak characters just so they can join the plot

  36. Some people are going crazy on how does Sidra know Frieza
    He just might be spying on universe 7 and doesn't like the odds of them recruiting another powerful fighter

    We'll have to wait and see.

  37. How much you all wanna bet Sidra gets his ass handed to him by Frieza and Goku?

  38. It will probably start like episode 100, the actual fighting

  39. I think sidra knows freeza because of beerus maybe beerus once told him about freeza

  40. mastar can you make a video about goku's limit do rival god of destruction

  41. I think people are jumping straight to Sidra actually knowing Frieza. I read it more as 'Hearing Universe 7 is planning on recruiting one of the most powerful beings in Universe 7, Sidra plots to defeat them before they can join the team.' Its possible Frieza is so infamous that all of the gods of destruction know about him regardless of which universe but I think Sidra is just seeing a super powerful threat joining Universe 7 and wants to take him out regardless of who it is.

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