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5 Ways to Defeat Jiren

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  1. Only ppl dat can stand up to Jiren: Goku, Vegeta, Gogeta worse comes go worse, Kefla , Gohan

  2. Number 6 trick him into killing someone

  3. Four ways to defeat jirien
    1.bring yamcha in the tournament
    2.jiren uses a ki blast
    3.yamcha dies
    4.and jiren gets disqualified

  4. Well, dunno about ultra instinct Vegito…since Vegeta is in control, he must master it for that. Maybe Gogeta for a fusion. Still, in the 7th anniversary of Dragon Ball heroes we have a small teaser of Goku vs Jiren, with Goku being shirtless, so it seems no fusion, or they fused and it failed, Vegeta being eliminated, then making Goku angry. After next week's episode we should get more infos.

  5. goku is one who can beat jiren ..-)👿👿👿

  6. Jiren isn't stronger than Beerus.
    Remember something called Hakai?

  7. Maybe his weaknesses is in his eyes. Somebody has to blind him. Maybe goku silver eyes will flash and than blind him( we saw in the promotional material for the one hour spiecal of dragon ball super goku eyes flashed for a moment maybe this has to do something with blinding jiren so that he can’t use his eye barrier or his eyes blast) maybe that’s the purpose of his mysterious silver ayes

  8. Androids are there for a reason hello? Absorb energy. If U7 were to bring Buu into the tournament they'll definitely win, you're not allow to kill. The only way to defeat Buu is to vaporize him and out of bound. Even so Buu can separate himself into mini bus and regenerate from there. This is the reason why they remove Buu from TOP

  9. The EASIEST way for Jiren to have been defeated would be to have Hit freeze Jiren like he did before and then have Goku just walk up to him and hold his shoulder to just instant transmission off stage sacrificing himself and defeating Jiren instantly without too much effort.

  10. Defeat Jiren? all you is plot armor! XD the writer can kill him off anyway he wants

  11. The scariest thing is that he’s extremely strong and hasn’t even gone full power yet😱

  12. Maybe Goku and Gohan unite with potaro earings and then make a fusion with vegita? Then we have a Gogohito? Vegigogo?

  13. also goku has a chance to knock out 2 at the same time with power it still is a disadvantage

  14. yamcha comes out of nowhere reveals he is a saiyan and murders jiren and all the angels with his wolf fang fist times a million.

  15. Vegeta will never put aside his pride 🙂

  16. who did the thumbnail pic of jiren?

  17. Mastar please make episode 6 for anime war. But take ur time

  18. jerin underastimat his enimy
    that his wickness

  19. Why do you think goku learned the mafooba

  20. I think if ultra instinct goku and hit had teamed up then they would defeat jiren.

  21. I have an idea about jiren ' s weakness.That is when he fight goku in episode 109/110 he was afraid of super saiyan blue goku ' s kamehameha wave. I think it was his weakness

  22. 6. Instantly transmit his ass out of bounds, then return to the field. If done carefully, that is the best way…

  23. if goku achieve ultra instant then goku can easily defeat sheron in DB GT

  24. Goku beat the jiren by instant tech bcz in posted we see that's Goku remove his cloth but then he was fight jiren there he have the cloths

  25. Also i dont want any weakness on jiren ot charging just an op character that goku stomps . to end the downplay


  27. The way this end is kefla fusion hits the time limit, towards the end of the tourney they hand the potara over to goku and vegeta

  28. hey MaStar Media. I have a great theory about the future of the . it has to do with the speculation of grand priest being the main villain but with more motive and back story than most theories out there. If you like it…U should do a video to put it out there. let me know if youre willing …

  29. Maybe the real reason jiren is so strong is because his god of destruction secretly leaded his powers to jiren to make him crazy strong. Or maybe the rumor about a mortal stronger than a god was made by belmod to saike everyone out , and faked losing to jiren, not that I think jiren is strong, they are just theories

  30. No fusion though. It would be awesome if goku beats kefla without fusion which i think its going to happen cant wait

  31. What will happen if both goku and jiren stay till the end of the tournament and everyone is knocked out will both the universes survive

  32. Can you make a video on how exactly is Goku planning to invoke ultra instinct ! He s fighting kefla now ! Isn’t it causing more damage ?

  33. In episode 114 we came to know that Champa gave them the potara before the tournament started I don't think it will be allowed during the tournament

  34. goku's ultra instinct coming back in episode 117 against jiren according to some spoiler i watched somewhere dont know its true but it looks legit hope its true. 🙂

  35. Monaka would have defeated him in 5 secs !

  36. Why the hell he's saying jiren is stronger than beerus again and again, it was stated that jiren is stronger than balmond, and beerus is stronger than balmond. And Manga and anime are very different.

  37. Jake can you please help Sam kan, he’s in need of your help ASAP look at his recent videos. He even commented on this video.

    Like this comment so Jake can see this

  38. Kefla ??
    Wait till Jiren wakes up.
    Once it happens : ITS OVER

  39. Can't wait until Toppo and Dypso get knocked out, forcing Jiren to get up off his ass and start wrecking everyone's shit!

  40. kefla is fucking buffed in power.
    I mean fuck kefla she is even faster than SSG how can she be so much fast….

  41. Your number 4 option, should have included #17. I think he’s as strong as SS Blue

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