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1 Year of Animation – Mastar Media

1 Year of Animation – Mastar Media Is Available on 9gogoanime.com

Watch 1 Year of Animation – Mastar Media Online. One Piece
eng sub anime hd quality Video. Today The following anime 1 Year of Animation – Mastar Media watchop & gogoanime has been released NOW You Can Enjoy Anime Here ON 9Gogoanime.

is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, with the chapters collected into 86 tankōbon volumes to date.

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  1. And i dont have any thing to anime my own show

  2. You came a long way in 1 years time…

  3. You mean a year of sketching right?

  4. I animate in 1080p and no one will ever tell me otherwise.
    Until 4k becomes viable.

  5. You mean 1 year of sketching

  6. Once again with that specific clip of brother vs brother, what remix of o fortuna is that, cause it sounds very similar to that song.

  7. You are not simply an animator; you are the real inspirational!

  8. I really really want to see the full episode of Anime war, Please Please continue it or finish those episode!!! Thank again your creating videos that help me not kill myself wen my days are hard aha!

  9. I love wat u are doing!! I appreciate all your hard work and dedeication into making these action pack animes. Keep on making videos and when you do ever come out with one of your own anime I'll most definitly be a buyer to all your series. Your pixer in your videos are not the greatest qaulity like Dragon Bll Z Absalon series but your anime's has great action and awsome to watch!!

  10. I want to animate something too and I know how to draw but I just don't know what software I should use and how to use it…

  11. Even back then the animation was decent now you have experience and better tools . Like an mmorpg you start off as a lvl 1 with wooden equipments back then now you are a lvl 100 with diamond Equipment hahaha

  12. man your so good i really hope you continue. your one of my favorite youtubers. ill admit im still new but because of you i have returned to art so i thank you.

  13. Dang dude you went all Super Saiyan. LOL. It is sad though to get discovered you have to get the low lying fruit. I hope your OP starts to take off. Plus with 100,000 hits that means no crap.

  14. New to your channel here, first video I saw was your vegito vs zamasu animation analysis. Holy crap your animation skills made a gigantic leap in one year. Seriously makes me want to go back and continue my own creative works. Great job!

  15. dude i will tell you this don't quit if one of your video didn't go viral what you do all this animation all this goku vs sytama vs black vs super man ktl… you do all this for your subs but most important you do this cuz you like it no you love it i can see you love making those videos i'm not an animator like you but i'm a beginner and the first video i will make i will say to my self "i did this, this is my first animated video, doesn't mater if it's good or bad, if others doesn't like it like i do, i love it " you probably feel like that i about your first video. keep the good job and be leave in your self.

  16. i can't even make one frame of what you make O.o

  17. Thanks for the tips bro I draw a lot of awesome drawings and I'm to going to get in animation now !

  18. MaSTAR I will fully support you in your endeavors for making great Content

  19. 6:286:47 Listen up you NOOBS!

    This is EXACTLY why the DBZ original Japanese subs are FAR superior than the English dubs. A Perfect example that you can't find on youtube is Broly: The Legendary Super Sayian. Watch from when Broly and the Z fighters all confront Broly and he can't contain his rage anymore. The emotional impact hits 1million times better than the American version with all the wrongly used rock music.

    Thank you MaStar for that beautiful explanation.

  20. much respect to you and what you do everyday very positive and helpful video been drawing strictly for a year straight now next year ima be on the same path as you my man so look out!

  21. I just wonder what we gonna see in one year ^^ Good luck !!

  22. Hey I have a question, What happened to goku vs saitama,, this was everyones favorite series in my opinion. Demon Rush and Goku vs superman are lit af but It cant beat the saitama shit 🙁

  23. Yes! keep watching Dragon Ball Super's Frame by Frame cause youre learning really quick. I love your bad ass animation today it totally rock!

  24. sweating and crying while working on digital art? lol………………..

  25. Good luck bro I hope you reach your goal one day

  26. Aye Mastar, since you're taking a break with animation for a while, you should totally work on the Goku vs Saitama full movie, with all the parts and such.

  27. keep it up brother ur animation is great i will always watch ur videos and support you

  28. Awesome man, congratulations on a year of youtube! – Fantastic work, you really have grown in your production/anime skills. Looking forward to you producing more content for your channel. Demon rush is actually really good and I cant wait for the full release!.

  29. Trust me boi, I have seen FAR more bad animations than that Bro V Bro

    Take FNaF SFM's for example

  30. the animation was kinda terrible

  31. geeez… those negative people suck..

  32. yo are good in doing animes

  33. when are you gonna post goku vs superman part 2


  35. what program do you use for animation?

  36. Ok, i REALLY respect you, but i don't like how you just redraw almost every frame of Goku (for example)from an original shot from the anime, movie or whatever, it is too inconsistent, Goku's character design (face, hair, shades, etc.) changes between time and between each animator, so when i watch, i see at least 10 different looking Goku's, you should polish the art and make everything in one final model that you are ok with.

  37. good job mastar ,from bad to awesome animation . keep up with the good work. And thanks about the next arc info.


  39. make a part 10 i have ben waiting

  40. your anime is no where near crap some people just draw stick figures i see the time you puy into your shading good job man more power to you

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